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After being a Vice President for several years for a local bay area bank, I realized I had gone as far in my career as I wanted. This generally is known as a “mild mid-life crisis.” My two main passions have always been cooking and vegetable gardening. I inherited the passion of cooking from my grandmother who created homemade pastries in a local bake shop. She had the ability to measure everything from eyesight – a couple handfuls of flour, a splash of vanilla or a pinch of cinnamon. Whatever she made always came out perfect. The fruits, vegetables, eggs and meat she used for cooking family meals came from my grandfather’s small Oklahoma farm. Growing up, my parents, sister and I would visit my grandparents every summer. Usually there were several aunts, uncles and cousins also visiting. The family meals we had were always made from food that was grown, raised and cooked with love and passion.

After a lot of soul searching and discussions with my wife, I decided to resign from the bank and fulfill a lifelong dream by enrolling at the California Culinary Academy. After graduating from the Academy with honors, I was accepted to the University of California Master Gardener program. As a Certified Master Gardener I turned my backyard into a Market Garden and with the knowledge from my culinary degree I started a career as a personal chef. My goal is to provide meals to my clients that have the same love and passion that my grandparents shared with me.


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