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After working a long hard day, making important decisions and dealing with employee issues, it’s finally time to go home. Then you remember you have a suit to pick up at the cleaners. Oh! You almost forgot - you also need to pick up little Billy or Sue from soccer practice. But after seeing your gas gauge on empty you need to get in line at the nearest station to fill up the tank first. After all this, do you really feel like going to the grocery store to search for a spot in a full parking lot, think of something to cook and stand in a long check-out line? When you finally get home to chop, slice, and cook dinner, there is a stack of dirty dishes and a messy kitchen to clean-up. When all of this is finished you finally get a chance to sit down with a nice glass of wine and relax.

Or did you instead take a detour on your way home to the local taco or hamburger fast food joint?

Or you had full intentions of cooking whatever was in the refrigerator, only to find a chicken with an expiration date of last Tuesday and a bunch of wilted lettuce?

Or you picked up the phone and ordered a combination pizza for the second time this week?

Or you found a TV dinner in your freezer made with ingredients that you can’t even pronounce?

Does this sound like a healthy lifestyle? Not only are you eating food that is bad for you, it tastes bad, too.

Does any of this sound familiar? Then it’s time for you to contact GardenFresh! We will cook meals in the safety of your home that are healthy, made from fresh ingredients and cooked they way you like. This allows you to come home, relax, and have that nice glass of wine and a delicious meal waiting for you to eat - at your convenience with your family. Garden Fresh is a Personal Chef Service that makes all this happen. We give you a little extra time each day to spend with the ones you love, to go to the gym, play ball with your dog, or simply watch the early evening news.

Your meals are custom designed to your tastes and desires. We provide a free consultation in the comfort and privacy of your home to see how our service can fit your situation. We determine what kind of foods you like and dislike. We also identify what types of foods you can’t eat due to allergies, sensitivities or medical reasons. Then we design a customized menu, which is approved by you and determine a day to cook your meals. All of your meals are packaged in disposable recyclable containers that can easily be reheated in your oven or microwave oven at your convenience.

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Personal Chef Services
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